ESET Reinstall Procedure for the Carbide

This document outlines the process for reinstalling ClevX DriveSecurity powered by ESET to your Carbide drive. It's for use if you need to reformat your drive or if your install becomes corrupted. You will need the following things to install:

  1. ClevX DriveSecurity powered by ESET: Download DSInstall.exe
  2. DriveSecurity Portable to connect to the platform: Download DriveSecurityPortable_1.0.paf.exe
  3. Your DriveSecurity license key emailed to you by CustomUSB. It's a series of numbers and letters which looks like: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Installing DriveSecurity

First, we install DriveSecurity to the root directory of the drive:

  1. If you have a corrupted install you'd like to remove, delete the DriveSecurity.exe file and the ESET directory in the root of your drive.
  2. Run DSInstall.exe
  3. When prompted to select a drive, select the drive letter that corresponds to your Carbide drive.
  4. When prompted, select that you have a license key and enter the key you received from CustomUSB

Installed DriveSeucrity Portable

DriveSecurity Portable allows you to connect DriveSecurity to the Platform so that you can run it directly from the platform or have it launch automatically as you start the platform

  1. Run DriveSecurityPortable_1.0.paf.exe
  2. It should automatically detect your Carbide's install of the Platform and offer to install to X:\PortableApps\DriveSecurityPortable (where X is the drive letter of your Carbide drive). If it does not, select to install to X:\PortableApps where X is your Carbide's drive letter. The installer will add \DriveSecurityPortable as soon as you click OK in the directory browser.
  3. Allow the installer to finish and click OK. DriveSecurity Portable should now be available in your Platform

Please note that ESET does not provide any phone, email, or forum support for ClevX DriveSecurity powered by ESET. We cannot assist with software issues with DriveSecurity itself as we do not have access to the code. Solutions to common problems are provided within the ESET Knowledgebase